Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong


1. Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong
(P. Sanders, L. Thomas)
2. Equinox
(J. Coltrane, P. Sanders)
3. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
(J. Burke, J, Van Heusen)
4. If It Wasn’t for a Woman
(P. Sanders, L. Thomas)
5. Clear Out of This World
(A. Dubin, J. McHugh)
6. Next Time You See Me
(P. Sanders)

Personnel (in alphabetical order)

Greg Bandy - drums
Bill Henderson - piano
Pharoah Sanders - tenor saxophone
Tarik Shah - bass
Donald Smith - electric piano
Leon Thomas - vocals

Stanley Crouch - liner notes
Harvey Goldberg - mastering engineer
Sid Maurer - design
Don Peterkofsky - assistant engineer
Ken Robertson - mastering
Harry Roolaart - photography
Bob Thiele - producer

Released on Columbia Records, 1987.

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