A Prayer Before Dawn


1. The Light at the Edge of the World
(P. Piccioni)
2. Dedication to James W. Clark
3. Softly for Shyla
(W. Henderson)
4. The Greatest Love of All
(L. Creed, Michael Masser)
5. Midnight at Yoshi’s
6. Living Space
(J. Coltrane)
7. After the Rain
(J. Coltrane)
8. In Your Own Sweet Way
(D. Brubeck)
9. The Christmas Song
(Mel Tormé, R. Wells)

Personnel (in alphabetical order)

William Henderson - piano, synthesizer
John Hicks - piano (on #7)
Brian McLaughlin - tabla
Alvin Queen - drums (on #5)
Pharoah Sanders - tenor saxophone, miscellaneous instruments
Lynn Taussig - sarod, chandrasarang (on #5)

Richard Blair - photography
Mark Needham - assistant producer
Allen Pittman - assistant producer, liner notes
Dave Shirk - mixing engineer
Edward VanLandeghem - engineer, pre-mastering engineer

Recorded September 1987 at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, CA.

Released on Theresa Records, 1987.

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